“The Enchanted Box”

Marven T. Baldo
1 min readMay 28, 2021

There’s a magical box of shame always ready for a new release
Whenever its owner feels pressured, cornered, and ill at ease.
Whenever minuscule player two gets a point or two ahead.
The owner pulls the stickers to stick to the audience’s forehead.

It was called box of shame because of the images on the stickers
Which represent funny, bizzare, awkward daily matters.
The owner succeeds in covering everyone’s faces in the arena.
Through an efficient magic trick to the disadvantage of the other fella.

The stickers are so big, it covers the audience’s eyes.
So the latter won’t see how player one got outwised.
The technique may only be player one’s second-to-the-last resort.
Number one could be a grand magical disappearance of some sort.

The committe allows competitors some aids that each took.
Player one’s is its potent magic; player two’s is a thick book.
It’s a fair match, isn’t it? Don’t tell me that it’s not.
Each contestant simply makes use of anything that he’s got.



Marven T. Baldo

First, he was a Bible thumper. After that, he tried his hand on other genres. Finally, at the beginning of 2023, he has decided to be a comedian.