“Dudoy the Idea”

Marven T. Baldo
Apr 23, 2021

This is what I am; this is what I get.
Swoop down the katana; I have cast down my head.
D is Dudoy the Idea; D is for despicable.
It can’t help but show; it’s what I’m only able.

What keeps thee from finalizing Dudoy the Idea?
How long wilt thou keep waiting this joke of a fella?
How many do have to be present to commence the ceremonia?
Get me now out of this hole, away from all of ‘ya.

Could’ve suffered me a little bit, but simply just couldn’t.
I’m simply a man with whom no one can be patient.
I can only blame myself for being a stupid creature
And would have to live with the reaction of the past and the future.

by: Marven T. Baldo



Marven T. Baldo

First, he was a Bible thumper. After that, he tried his hand on other genres. Finally, at the beginning of 2023, he has decided to be a comedian.