“A Happy 2022”

Marven T. Baldo
2 min readFeb 2, 2022

The house fly flies around, hovers over my cup.
Then it lands on the brim of the round coffee mug.
So I grabbed the handle to keep my drink away
from my importune friend, but here he vows to stay.

Whoever led him there to vainglory’s dark path,
forgive them because they just didn’t know enough.
Or the foolish lad may have an ill-placed conceit
yet gullible, sucker to believe what he sees.

Never tell your problems to just anybody
‘cause the one I turned to, he has turned against me.
Somebody does something, and others follow suit,
which sets a precedent that is hard to uproot.

Been struggling for decades——I never recovered——
to simply be like them, share with them priceless mirth.
I’m set apart for woe, anguish, humiliation.
Will my recompense be eternal salvation?

When will you realize that you’re the one I love
and be convinced that no one else would be enough?
My heart is rubber; it’s grown flexible with time.
My heart is a gum; chew it; it will still be fine.

Do you think your accent and your place impress me?
Soon they’ll become what they try to make me to be.
Though they may not know it, maybe they’re already.
They have this policy: It’s “anyone but me”.

Stay forever by the side of the uncle priest.
Stare at the boundless waters of the Pacific.
Wish everyone a happy 2022.
May good things continue to pour down on all you.

by: Marven T. Baldo



Marven T. Baldo

First, he was a Bible thumper. After that, he tried his hand on other genres. Finally, at the beginning of 2023, he has decided to be a comedian.